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Discover your Goals
"one passion one life"

Challenges, Stories & Adventures

since 1994 "higher than the condors"


School, trainings and private tours


Climbing modules I,II and III

Mountain Trails

Circuit planning in adventure, MTB


Middle and high mountain

Mountain Kids

Training outings with Kids

Who I am?



Year 1979. I was born in Tucumán, the smallest province of Argentine. Located in the north of Argentine South America , it treasures a great biodiversity, from jungles of yungas, mountain ranges of mountain and high mountain, where some peaks of more than 5500 meters of height stand out. This natural scenery was where my passion for the mountain, the outdoors and adventure awakened.


Since my beginnings, in 1994, I was linked with adventure activities such as outdoor, mountain biking, trekking, hiking, canyoning, climbing and expeditions, in Tucumán and in other parts of the country, such as Patagonia. My friends were my faithful companions at every exit.


During these 20 years of work I have dedicated myself to explore terrains, mark new records of summits and travel through different geographies, accompanied by cartography of my own design, which confirm my knowledge acquired in national and international training. I also load in my expedition backpack, hundreds of anecdotes, some funny, some unpleasant and many of those that teach people to know. The contact with them allows me to know them and give them the best of me, to generate a bond with them and know how to take them, and I let myself go

I myself have been my only company in this entire journey that includes more than 400 mountain crossings, surveys and solo outings.


What I do?



I do mountain activities in a sporty way, I develop educational learning systems that improve performance in time and in an appropriate way, allowing the user to achieve their dreams and goals.

In What I Believe?


In the experiences lived, the acquired knowledge, the word and nobility of the human being.



As work?


Development dynamic outings, in small private groups, where the activity shines and only your attention premium, for a good enjoyment.


The groups are usually not larger than 5 people. On rare occasions exceeding this amount, I have auxiliary guides, who assist the hikers.

Member and Bone Marrow Donor.